At Wallerich Eye Care, our staff and providers work together to ensure your visit is comfortable, efficient, and completed in a timely manner. During your visit, we look forward to providing the best possible vision correction while also detecting, diagnosing, and assessing eye and systemic conditions during the comprehensive eye examination.


We are dedicated to providing the best possible eye health evaluation and vision correction needs to allow for a clearer tomorrow for all of our patients!


At Wallerich Eye Care, our providers complete at least 40 hours of education annually with a high concentrated focus in areas of ocular disease, neuro-optometry, binocular vision, pediatric eye care, and many other areas, to ensure we are the best at what we do! Wallerich Eye Care staff routinely advance their skills by completing education modules, in-office educational seminars, or other local/state initiatives to ensure a thorough, confident visit each and every time to our office.