Mr. Abraham Yang – Optometry Coordinator

Mr. Yang was born in Wausau, Wisconsin, but grew up living in the Twin Cities. He started his career in the eye care industry working at a retail chain optical, where he was the manager for both the eyeglass and contact lens departments.

When Abraham is not at work, he enjoys spending time in the outdoors during the summer, hanging out with friends & family, and road trip adventures. Some of his favorite outdoor activities include exploring new hiking trails, cycling, and running.

Celebrating Advancements: Mr. Yang plans to return to college Fall 2022 to study business! We are excited to support him in this venture!

Ms.Vanesa La Torre, B.A. – Optometry Technician

Ms. La Torre was born in Perú and speaks Spanish. She grew up in TX and moved to MN where she earned her Bachelor’s in Biology at St. Catherine University. She aspires to attending Optometry School. She is passionate about helping others, especially young people, and those within the elderly community.

When Vanesa is not at work, she enjoys spending time in the outdoors, meditating, and playing with her cat, Tigger. She is also an advocate about Mental Health Awareness for those in her community.