There are many special tests that help your eye care provider diagnose, manage, and treat an array of eye conditions. These tests may also be used to rule out serious eye conditions based upon unique symptoms or signs our patients are having.

Advanced Testing to Manage Eye or Systemic Conditions

The California Optomap device provide a medical image of up to 220⁰ or 82% of the back part of the eye without eye drops in less than a ½ second. The high-definition image produced, along with other instrument capabilities, allows your eye doctor to detect, diagnose, monitor, and treat many eye conditions (macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and many others).

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Topcon Maestro 2 OCT
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is an advanced eye scan technology that uses light waves to see beneath the surface of the eye. An OCT exam created detailed images of the back of the eye to provide diagnostic information for your doctor.

The Topcon Maestro 2 allows our doctors to visualize the front and back of the eye for conditions such as: diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, macular holes, unexplained vision loss, traumatic/acquired vision conditions, and many other important conditions.

Digital AutoPhoropter
The Digital AutoPhoropter is equipped with hundreds of lenses precisely engineered to result in the most optimized eyeglass prescription for each patient. The device is equipped with advanced software technology used by your optometrist to ensure the most custom and precise eyeglass prescription every time.

Digital Auto Kerato-Refractometer
The Auto-Kerato-Refractometer provides your provider with several important diagnostic information that includes: steepness of the front surface of the eye (cornea), estimated numerical values for refraction (prescription starting point), and a corneal mapping (general layout of the front surface of the eye). These measurements allow your provider to enhance your care by selecting proper contact lenses, improving your refractive outcomes, and enhancing the exam experience.

Visual Field
The Henson 9000 is a compact, peripheral vision test used in clinical settings to detect, diagnose, and monitor changes to visual fields caused by ocular, brain, and/or systemic health conditions. The device can aid in the management, diagnosis, and treatment of glaucoma, strokes, intracranial tumors, optic nerve diseases, retinal eye disease, and many other serious conditions.

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Digital Retinal Photography
The Maestro 2 device has a high-definition camera that records a color image of the interior back of the eye. This allows the real-time documentation of eye conditions to monitor for changes over time with your eye doctor.

iCare Tonometry
iCare’s patented rebound technology is a proven technique for obtaining accurate and rapid intraocular pressure measurements from all your patients. Measuring requires no anesthetic drops, air puffs, or other preparation.