Do you qualify for the community referral program as a Veteran?

If so, please follow the process below to get started on a community referral program by clicking the link below to the official VA website.

  1. Call the VA Community Care Contact Center at 1-877-881-7618, Option 1.
  2. They will guide your through the steps to be able to see Dr. Michael Wallerich at Wallerich Eye Care, LLC inside of Target Optical – St. Paul.


Wallerich Eye Care (inside Target Optical – St. Paul)

Provider: Dr. Michael Wallerich
Address: 1300 University Ave W, St. Paul, MN 55104
Telephone: (612) 643-3525
Fax: (612) 299-1452


What is Dr. Wallerich’s unique training as an optometrist? 

  • Wallerich completed a neuro-optometry residency in brain injury vision rehabilitation at the Palo Alto VA Health Care System in California. He specialized in providing neuro-optometric evaluations for Veterans and Active Duty Military members with a history of traumatic (concussions) or acquired brain injuries.

What is Dr. Wallerich’s experience working with Active Duty Military members and Veterans?

  • Wallerich has had the privilege of evaluating, diagnosing and treating members of the United States Armed Forces from all over the world in an inpatient rehabilitation unit and at an outpatient clinic. He saw a range of conditions that include: head traumas, spinal cord injuries, brain tumors, strokes, blast injuries, car accidents and many other conditions/circumstances that affected vision or eye health.

What are some common symptoms that patient’s experience from a history of traumatic or acquired brain injuries?

  • Many of Dr. Wallerich’s patients have varying symptoms that are as follows: double vision, depth perception issues, focusing/concentration, dizziness/vertigo, headaches, light sensitivity, blurry vision (distance/near), peripheral vision changes, visual overstimulation, reading difficulties, words moving on a page and many others. This is only an abbreviated list.